Reflections        (music and lyrics: Kemigrafen & Tompahelmet)



Today you should be cool and a bit nonchalant,

be stylish and don´t be afraid to spend your money.

In your hand, you should have a smartphone,

which makes you more or less infantile!


Now a days everyone should be updated and have extra of everything.
But I am happy if I can enjoy a single malt!
We’re supposed to go All-in as if life were poker.
But I think we must stop and see where we´re going.


                      --------  Music --------------


We think they are strange in that big country in the West.
With a president who is unpredictable, but think he knows best.
But at the same time we begin to apply their double standards,
with beeps over words that we use in our daily conversation.


We eat Big Mac and we wear jeans.
Use American expressions already in our teens.
But no matter what kind of fashion or style we have,
we can always say just what we think.



Today you can create music all by your self
You do not have to be a part of a band.
With your computer you can play and improvise,
add different instruments and much much more.


In the past, we had to rely on those who knew the technology.
Now we can focus on just the music,
writing texts and playing instruments,
making songs about both old times or what just happened!

                      --------  Music --------------


Now you can take photographs and create movies in HD,
No lonely hours in darkrooms. No, that was in the old days!
Filming in slow motion with your own mobile
and with Instagram you can find your style.


But sometimes there are features missing on a camera - digital,
such as setting focus, time and making your own choices.
But for quality, there is no stop
If it´s wrong with some photos, you fix it in Photoshop!



When you are a happy pensioner,
you´re supposed to be there - but not cause problems!
We can complaint, but rather not fight.
And not go by bus during rush hour.



We are expected to keep a low profile with our cap in hand,
and not go on about the fact that we built this country.
So look around you and think about what you see.
We are many and we are getting more and more.


Tommy and Kenneth

But we are not going to sit still and wait
for us to die or become demented.
We go for it and do what we want,
and take a snaps to our pickled herring.